Canteen Catering

We cater for all private events and business functions across the UK

Are you on site and you need a catering company to provide carefully well prepared soul food for you? Ibi’s Kitchen services will be delivered directly to you at your site location at lunchtime. Our meals are served hot. Plates and cutleries are also provided with our services.

Canteen Catering Menu Options

    3 Course Meal @ £15 per head
    • Mini bread rolls and butter and a choice of chicken soup or chicken & sweetcorn soup.
    Main: (Choose 5 from below)
    Rice Dishes
    • Green peas and curry rice
    • White rice
    • Prawn fried rice
    • Chicken fried rice
    • Special fried rice (combination of chicken and Prawns)
    • Flavoured tomato rice (Jollof Rice)
    Curry and Sauce Dishes
    • Chicken tikka masala
    • The Chef’s Signature chicken sauce
    • The Chef’s Signature prawn sauce
    • Stir – fry prawns in soy sauce
    • Stir – fry chicken strips in soy sauce
    • Stir – fry beef in soy sauce
    • Stir – fry mushroom in soy sauce (V)
    • Chicken gravy sauce
    Noodles Dishes
    • Prawns rice noodles
    • Chicken rice noodles
    • Mixed vegetable rice noodles
    • Special rice noodles
    Chicken and Fish Dishes
    • Tray baked chicken thighs garnished with garlic, red and yellow peppers
    • Barbeque sauce chicken wings
    • Sweet chilli chicken wings
    • Baked salmon in sweet chilli sauce
    Potato and Roast Potato Dishes
    • Garlic and rosemary baby roast potatoes
    • Plain roast baby potatoes
    • Chicken and mushroom potato curry
    • Chicken potato curry
    • Mushroom potato curry
    Cous Cous Dishes
    • Aromatic cous cous in prawns, chicken, or mixed vegetable
    • Pasta bake
    • Pasta bake in bacon, meat balls, chicken or tuna & sweetcorn
    Plantain Dishes
    • Plantain in beef sauce
    • Plain fried or grilled
    • Mixed vegetables – Free!
    • Steamed carrots, broccolis and cauliflower
    • Madras chicken curry

    A beautifully arranged fruit bar consisting of 8 different fruits:
    • water melons, white melon, red apples, green apples, red grapes, green grapes, bananas