The Creation



The concept of Soul Food at Ibi’s Kitchen is derived from the need to satisfy every palate. The dream is to ensure no tongue is left unsatisfied whilst at the same time meeting the individual preferences of our ever evolving food connoisseurs.

Through a thorough researched mix of the art of food creations, we deliver to you a well-balanced blend of rich soul food, using the natural tastes of each as the basis of our creation. To us, every meal created is a ritual or a rite, where we take the normal and ensure the end product tastes absolutely rich and different by intensely recreating it to a perfect mix. And despite this ritual, we ensure the end product is still as natural as ever.

We call our ritual the ‘creation of the specials’. Welcome to our world!!! SoulFood-Fade


For every meal purchased, 20p of the proceeds go to Restoring Hands Charity (No 1056210) a local charity committed to supporting the Maidstone community in providing assistance to improve quality of life, restore dignity and promote hope for the future”. Click here to read more.